Russian language in Turkmenistan: where do they know it best?

In Turkmenistan, almost everyone speaks fluent Russian. But there is a different level of knowledge of a foreign language, and, having asked this question, ORIENT did a little research.

Contrary to expectations, according to the statistics of subject olympiads, most of the young people who are fluent in Russian as a foreign language are in the northern region of the country – Dashoguz, leading, by the way, in many other positions in the ranking of intellectual competitions of national and international level.

Therefore, it is from this region that ORIENT begins a new cycle of publications in a video format about how the multilingual concept is implemented in the education system of Turkmenistan.

“Now, starting my adult life with higher education, I am more than ever convinced that nothing teaches the world how to think more effectively than learning languages ​​of other nations,” says student Dovran Sahedov. He adds that learning another language benefits each student in at least three ways – from a practical, spiritual and cultural point of view.