Russian designer Alexander Terekhov presented a new collection in Ashgabat

Russian designer Alexander Terekhov presented a new collection in Ashgabat


In Ashgabat, the exhibition hall of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted the International Exhibition “Turkmen Textile – 2018”, timed to the Day of Turkmen Carpet and Textile Industry Personnel. Within the framework of the exhibition, Turkmen dandies enjoyed New Collections Show of clothes from the Turkmen Model House, as well as Russian designer Alexander Terekhov.

The exposition reflecting the achievements of the Turkmen light industry at the same time has become an excellent platform to exchange the experience between the leading domestic and foreign enterprises, as well as to demonstrate modern technologies, trends and innovations in the global fashion industry.

The Ashgabat Model House presented a colorful collection of men’s, women’s and children’s casual wear and evening dresses “Summer 2018”. Smooth lines, colorful fabrics, fine hand embroidery and perfectly combined materials are the distinctive features of the collection.

Following the world trend, the new collection of designers of the Model House of the capital was in one range of colors, but with different textures, which combined velvet, keteni, taffeta and chiffon. At the same time, the national ethnic feature was remained.

The children’s collection pleased young ladies of fashion with the presence of comfortable knitted dresses with elegant patterns and funny drawings and of “haute couture” outfits.

The men’s collection was designed in the style of sport-chic, which is very popular on the world’s podiums now.

Alexander Terekhov presented his collection “Autumn-Winter 2019”. It should be noted, that the Turkmen audience is the first who acquaints with. The new collection was not shown anywhere yet. Bright evening dresses, decorated with Swarovski rhinestones and elegant dresses in the style of casual enraptured many of fashion-conscious woman definitely.

In an interview with ORIENT, Terekhov shared his impressions on collection of the Ashgabat Model House and told about his creative work:

– The collection is amazing. The ethnic is felt in everything, and at the same time, it is very modern and very feminine. In this, we are similar to Turkmen designers: for us, a woman is important, and clothing acts as a frame, as a frame for her inner world. It seems to me that this collection of Ashgabat Model House can be shown in the world fashion cities, and it will have a resounding success. Paris would have gasped! After all, all the outfits are very modern and premium quality. An embroidery deserves special attention. Looking at the outfits of the Ashgabat Model House, I also wanted to decorate my collection with embroidery, beads, and ribbons. You inspired me!

– We have two brands now: ALEXANDER TEREKHOV and the more democratic Terekhov Girl. In addition, we have a shoe line and a small line of bags. We prefer to use eco-fabrics. For example, in this collection we have trench coats made of eco-leather and eco-suede of stunning quality. We would like to study your production with pleasure, as it would be very interesting for us to adapt your cotton, your jeans to our brand. I think we can have a wonderful partnership with Turkmenistan!

Thanking the excited audience for the cordial reception, Alexander Terekhov expressed gratitude for the opportunity to visit our beautiful capital and to present his collection.

The show made a huge impression on the capital’s dandies who were happy to take pictures with models and designers and already planned their outfits for the summer.