Russian actors held a “non-pedagogical” meeting with the students of Ashgabat School

Russian actors held a “non-pedagogical” meeting with the students of Ashgabat School

It is hard to believe that the cinema stars who fascinate us on screens and red carpet were not perfect in doing something in a real life. Such moments of school biography became the topic of the meeting between the guests of the Days of Russian Cinema in Turkmenistan and the students of the Turkmen-Russian Joint Secondary School named after A.Pushkin.

Any film festival would be proud to have such famous visitors. There are People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Svetlana Nemolyaeva, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Vladimir Zaytsev, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Agrippina Steklova, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Vladimir Bolshov, actress of the Moscow Theater named after Ermolova Tatyana Shumova. They told the students of the Pushkin school in Ashgabat how and what they learnt. Or did not study.

– I had amazing teachers, amazing people. They knew that I would be an actress, as I had already told them all about it. They were very lenient to me, very conscious.

And so, when I was about graduating from the school, at physics class, I had to carry some experiment. I held it, after which there was an explosion. A nightmare is around me! And my teacher Aleksandra Aleksandrovna, as I remember now, said: “Baby, tell me, please, honestly, will you ever enroll at any physical and mathematical university?” I answered “Never!” And I passed the exam receiving a three with a minus grade.

… The audience applauds the beloved by millions of spectators Svetlana Nemolyaeva, who inimitably managed to perform both the queens with refined manners and the very serious professors.

“Non-school” theme is supported by Vladimir Bolshov. After his words, the teachers of the Pushkin school cautiously look at the school piano:


– I can talk endlessly about school, because I changed 11 schools during 10 school years. There were such cases … Maybe this is not pedagogical way of teaching, from other hand, it can be a kind of very necessary pedagogy that you need. I studied at a music school, and I did not like it, while all my peers played a football outside … It all ended up that I burned the piano.

“Although hooligans turn into real heroes sometimes!” the actor notes.

The words of the spouse are continued by actress Agrippina Steklova:

– We are all here such school “non-samples”. As to me, I am also not exemplary. Therefore, listening to us, pass everything through a very, very powerful filter … School is the time to make friends and make personal knowledge. If you have the opportunity to get as many of them as possible, that is great.
When the microphone comes to Vladimir Zaytsev, he goes to the corner of the stage.

“I listened to my colleagues and realized that I accidentally got into this company,” the actor comments on his “departure” from the stage. “Because I always studied well at school, because I always wanted to study,” Vladimir Zaytsev says … But then he was interrupted by the sound of a fire alarm.

Maybe the fire alarm is delayed reaction to Bolshov’s words about the piano story. However, the actor improvises at unexpected pause, explaining the incident is a result of his powerful energy.

“You are, indeed, not wanted here!” Vladimir Bolshov jokes over his classmate. “A beep signal is for you!”

When an alarm signal turns off, Zaytsev with his measured voice, who dubs the Hollywood actors Robert Downey Jr. and Jason Statham in Russian cinemas, continues:
“I wanted to learn. But, of course, I was not successful in every school disciplines. There were disciplines that at some point I ceased to understand at all. But, nevertheless, I was able to deal with.”

Of course, during the school years, the brightest moments are remembered. And what could be brighter than mistakes and failures? But the more artists talk about themselves, the clearer it becomes – they were never ignoramuses. The successors of the cinema dynasties Nemolyaeva and Steklova loved and studied literature with pleasure, while Zaitsev dreamed of becoming a historian, and Bolshov studied in the music school. The point is that the school walls, while you are no longer a student, but a respected and long-awaited guest, make you to play a trick.

However, when it comes to “answer-question”, the actors respond to the questions of the schoolchildren very seriously and on topic. Zaytsev tells in detail about the sound-on-film of his “voice” roles of the Joker (Heath Ledger) and Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), the secrecy surrounding the duplicated films. Svetlana Vladimirovna Nemolyaeva shares the “recipe” for educating the artist in yourself, Agrippina Steklova talks about entering GITIS.

And only to Vladimir Bolshov all had only one question: “What was with the piano?!”

The meeting schedule does not allow the actor to give super detailed instructions, which, of course, pleases the school administration. Although it is clear to everyone that the question and answer is just a joke.

At the end of the meeting, it is a photo session with schoolchildren. After, a visit to the National Museum of Turkmen Carpet.

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