Russia promises to complete the road «Europe – Western China»

Russia promises to complete the road «Europe – Western China»

The international transport route «Europe – Western China» will in the best way be reflected in interstate cooperation, Russia will necessarily complete the site of this corridor, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin stated during a large press conference as the RIA Novosti news agency informs.

«It will be reflected in the best way because, despite growth of goods turnover with China in spite of the fact that with our brotherly republics of the former Soviet Union, today with independent states, goods turnover the biggest, development of infrastructure is obviously not enough», – Putin answered the question of the journalist on how the project «Europe – Western China» will be reflected in interstate cooperation.

«We, unfortunately, have a little bit lagged behind in this sense our Kazakhstan friends. They already have laid part of road to China, we should make part of work. And we will necessarily do it, including those bridge constructions which you have mentioned», – the head of the state told.

The route «Europe – Western China» – the most extended one in the world economic corridor with high potential of the state and regional interaction, covering the countries with the population over three billions persons. The project’s realisation will allow reducing term of delivery of cargoes from China to EU by 10 days.

The general extent of the route – Moscow – Kazan – Orenburg – Aktobe – Kyzylorda – Shymkent – Almaty – Ürümqi – Lánzhōu – Zhèngzhōu – Liányúngǎng makes St.-Petersburg more than 8 thousand kilometres.

The concept «One belt, one road» – the international initiative of China on improvement of operating and creation of new trading-transport corridors connecting more than 60 countries of Central Asia, Europe and Africa, urged to promote development of trade relations between them and China.

Nury Amanov