Russia exports Christmas trees to Turkmenistan and other countries

Russia exports Christmas trees to Turkmenistan and other countries

Christmas trees harvesting brings the Russian treasury an income of six million rubles a year, RIA Novosti reports, with reference to Roslesinforg (part of the Federal Forestry Agency).

“This type of forest use brings the state more than 6 million rubles. Domestic Christmas trees decorate not only the apartments of Russians. According to customs statistics, the so-called “fresh Christmas trees” from Russia in 2019 were sent to Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Ukraine,” says the report.

According to the Agency, cutting down Christmas trees does not harm the forest. According to the rules, they are harvested on special plantations, where Christmas trees are grown specifically for this purpose.

“A small number of New Year’s beauties are harvested in the forest areas to be cleared. Sometimes for these purposes, it is used the top part of forest stands harvested as part of logging under lease or purchase and sale agreements. Spruce, fir and pine paws are allowed to be harvested exclusively from felled trees in cutting areas during selective and clear cutting,” says the report.

As Roslesinforg explained, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses are mainly engaged in the preparation of fir trees for the New Year’s holiday.

According to Roslesinforg, spruce reserves in Russia are 9.9 billion cubic meters and are located on an area of 76.6 million hectares. This is comparable to the entire territory of Turkey and twice the area of Japan.

ORIENT previously reported, that the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations of Turkmenistan, by order of the Ashgabat city hall, will deliver fresh Christmas trees from Russia, disinfected by the relevant services and provided with a phytosanitary certificate, as well as certificates of quality and origin.