Rovshan Nepesov personally invites ladies to his festive concert

The name of Rovshan Nepesov, honoured worker of art of Turkmenistan, musician and conductor of the orchestra, is known not only in secular circles. Probably, there is hardly any Turkmen national, who has not attended the concert of the master of the modern epoch. The composer now actively works over creation of new musical compositions, presenting his admirers with many creative surprises.

One can hardly find the maestro in house conditions. He is always occupied – rehearsals, concerts and again rehearsals. On the threshold of the holiday devoted to International Women’s Day, the orchestra under the direction of Rovshan Nepesov prepares a new musical program.

– Our collective has got used to surprise, – Rovshan Nepesov says. – Therefore any concert program which we represent to attention of listeners is not similar to another. Our goal as musicians, to present people with a holiday to charge their positive emotions, and only good qualitative music is capable of it.

Speaking about modern lines in the musical market, Rovshan Nepesov asserts that there are such styles and directions which, even having passed centuries later, will not lose their value. Therefore the maestro advises contemporaries to popularise the Turkmen classics, to find new sources for inspiration in it. But also, of course, one should not refuse from the pleasure of listening absolutely different music.

– It is impossible to develop upon only something one, – Rovshan Nepesov continues. – I, for example, listen practically to all – from classics and jazz and fusion where there is a mixture of musical styles. And if I write music for cinema where the director asks to use rap, I do not refuse this idea. It is necessary to be universal in everything, especially if it concerns professional work. Music is studied in detail as science, and complexities are in any trade. Therefore, one should not forget that the composer can become a DJ and DJ a composer – hardly.

Advising novice musicians to learn more from professionals, the maestro draws the attention of young performers to eagerness to glory.

– It is not difficult to become famous, but what is then? It is necessary for musicians to get more often creative training, master classes, to raise erudition, to grow in the professional plan that their art was not one-day. I would like to have the worthy musical change, capable to compete even with the most venerable virtuosos. In this plan I can note the talent of Dovlet Okdirov. Since his childhood – he has been engaged in music and he surprisingly feels the harmony of sound. I wish him successes further.

What can be better than jazz? Only jazz! Rovshan Nepesov is the true admirer of this musical direction which has arisen in last century. At play of favourite chords by the maestro he cheers up and there arises a cunning smile on the face. Answering the question on creative plans, the composer there and then makes “a serious” statement:

– I have grandiose plans! But now I want to invite all to the festive concert which will take place on March 9 in the Oil and Gas Culture Centre. In the program my new compositions and your favourite songs from works of Muslim Magomayev, Anna Herman, and Valentina Tolkunova’s will sound. It will be very interesting. We wait for you.