Role of the press in countering trafficking in persons: IOM training in Ashgabat

Role of the press in countering trafficking in persons: IOM training in Ashgabat

On September 18, the International Organization for Migration will conduct a two-day training on combating human trafficking and migration for representatives of the media and non-governmental organizations.

In the modern world, recruitment in the context of trafficking in persons occurs through cheating a person or abuse of trust. As a rule, people are offered to travel abroad under the pretext of employment, marriage or study.

The workshops, to which editors, journalists and representatives of public organizations of Turkmenistan are invited, aim at enhancing the media’s capacity in covering key issues in the field of migration.

Experts from Belarus prepared specially for the Turkmen audience a program covering such issues as finding information for publications on combatting human trafficking, including the preparation of interviews with representatives of relevant services, etc.

The main objective of journalists is the preventive information of the public on trafficking in persons as the urgent global problem. The media should not only inform on the existence of such situations in one part or another part of the world, but also publish statistics so that people learn as much as possible about the problem, and understand its significance and self-responsibility. One method used by the media to reduce the number of people who fall into such situations is to disseminate information on legal employment opportunities abroad.

Today, Turkmenistan has a positive experience of cooperation with IOM, as part of which a working group was created in 2014 to combat human trafficking. With the assistance of international experts, the National Action Plan against Trafficking in Human Beings for 2016-2018 was developed and implemented. A similar national plan for 2019-2021 has been launched.