Review: Ronaldo as James Bond, Russians in the White House and phobias of hockey players

Review: Ronaldo as James Bond, Russians in the White House and phobias of hockey players

Fans of Formula 1 are looking forward to the new season when races in the Netherlands and Vietnam appear on the calendar of the 2020 championship. Well, in 2021, the debut Grand Prix will be held in the American city of Miami, and thus the United States will host two races this season. It remains only to find out who the newcomer will supplant from the F-1 calendar, after all, whatever one may say, the number of races in the championship cannot constantly grow.

In any case, you can only rejoice for fans of the “royal races” who will soon visit the Atlantic coast and enjoy the views of the turquoise waters of Miami Beach, the taste of real Cuban coffee and colorful art deco architecture.

And much north of the state of Florida, where Miami is located, the residence of the US president was occupied by tall guys in unusually sitting jackets on them. But there is no reason to panic! It’s just that Donald Trump wanted to personally meet with the victors of the Stanley Cup 2018/2019 – players of the St. Louis hockey club and invited the whole team to the White House.

After meeting with the head of state, club and puck masters, among whom were two Russian forwards – Vladimir Tarasenko and Ivan Barbashev, took plenty of pictures in the interiors of the White House.

It remains to be added that in the current season, 27-year-old Tarasenko spent 6 matches with St. Louis and scored 5 points on the “goal + pass” system, and Barbashev – 6 games and 2 points.

Continuing the topic of ice hockey, I will tell the readers a big secret: what are the most famous and seemingly fearless on ice hockey players really afraid of.

For the Finnish goalkeeper of the American club Boston Bruins, the main fear is Alexander Ovechkin. More precisely, his famous and almost deadly cast.

But the main star of Washington has its own fears. After winning the Stanley Cup in 2018, Alexander said that he was afraid of losing the championship ring. After all, he went on this for so long. Well, you can understand it.

The former goalkeeper of the Russian national team, Ilya Bryzgalov, back in 2012, said he was afraid of bears in the forest. Although it would be a little strange if a person were not afraid of them. But the most interesting thing happened next. After that, statements by almost 70 Pittsburgh fans came to the game with Philadelphia (the club Bryzgalov played at that time) in a bear costume.

And Jaromir Jagr is afraid of an approaching career end. The legendary Czech is already 47. He has been playing hockey since 1988, made his debut in the NHL in 1990. Many active players were not even born at that time. But no matter how much you play, the end of even such a great career will come sooner or later. Se la vie…

Japanese fans, after a friendly vote on the Internet, recognized Japanese Naomi Osaka, the third racket of world tennis, as the best tennis player in September. The 22-year-old representative of the Land of the Rising Sun decided to please her fans and shared on Twitter her children’s photo with curly hair. It turned out just charming!

Belarusian winter swimming enthusiasts are seriously preparing for a performance at the 2022 Olympic Games in China. And although this rather extreme sport in Belarus was recognized only in 2016, the “walruses” are full of optimism and are ready to compete for the highest places on the Olympic podium.

According to the chairman of the Belarusian Federation of Conditioning and Sports Winter Swimming Vladimir Shulgan, the season (which will stretch from October to May) will be saturated: it is planned to hold six stages of sports winter swimming competitions.

“In 2022, China organizes the Winter Olympic Games: they have already laid in the program at least a distance of 50 meters freestyle, as well as crossing the river in cold water. We hope that Belarusian athletes will be invited there,” the sports official noted.

The multiple champion of Italy, the Juventus football club, decided to weigh, in addition to the goals scored and the victories and titles brought to the team, the contribution of the star Cristiano Ronaldo to the profit from the sale of sports paraphernalia.

It turned out that Juventus revenue from sales increased significantly after the signing of the Portuguese striker.

In fiscal 2019, Turin team earned 44.02 million euros, a year earlier – 27.79 million. Costs associated with the sale of merchandise increased from 11.46 to 17.5 million euros.

Thus, the profit of Juve from the sale of sports souvenirs, etc. increased over the year by 10.2 million euros – from 16.32 to 26.52 million.

For the fiscal year 2018/2019, the Turin club sold 1,315,000 T-shirts.

Between May 2018 and May 2019, the number of Juventus fans also increased by 38 million and now stands at 423 million. The Turinos on this indicator rose from 11th place to 8th.

The number of Juve subscribers on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) has also increased. In June 2018, a total of 50.4 million people signed up for the club’s services, now 84.8 million.

This is the fourth figure in the world after Real Madrid (249 million), Barcelona (246.1 million) and Manchester United (129.9 million).
Cristiano himself recently scored his 700th goal in his career. This happened in the qualifying match of Euro 2020 with the team of Ukraine. Ronaldo’s girl – Georgina Rodriguez – posted on her Instagram page a photo of Ronaldo in a tuxedo, comparing him with James Bond. Truly, the number “700” is the same “007”, just backwards. And it came out original, fresh and fun.