Residents of the house after gas explosion were resettled in new apartments

Residents of the house after gas explosion were resettled in new apartments

Residents of the entrance in the house after gas explosion that took place today, on July 16, were resettled promptly in new apartments. ORIENT explored it from eyewitnesses at the emergency site (10th micro district of Ashgabat), where various technical services are now working, dismantling the entrance destroyed by explosion and checking the neighboring doorways for safety. There are a number of construction technique as well as ambulance cars on duty around the house.

The city administration confirmed all what said by local residents: 12 families who lived in the entrance destroyed by gas explosion were resettled in apartments, mainly in new houses with improved conditions (so-called semi-elite houses). Soon after the incident, they were moved to new apartments at Parahat-7 (Mir-7) and Gurtly (formerly Keshi), living areas that are actively developing.

The authority of Ashgabat provided the victims with food, dishes, drinking water, etc., as well as installed refrigerators and additional air conditioners in these apartments.

Victims are provided with medical and professional psychological assistance. ORIENT talked to a representative of the Ministry of Health of Turkmenistan. Davut Kumshiyev, the head of the intensive care unit of the Emergency Center, stated that everything necessary is available in sufficient quantity and even more.

At emergency site, elimination of the consequences of the gas accident is continued. There are tents for field personnel where they have a rest in a cool. Here, nearby, meal is cooked for them.