Remembering the legend: Tahir Ataev’s Orchestra invites Michael Jackson fans

Remembering the legend: Tahir Ataev’s Orchestra invites Michael Jackson fans

The string orchestra conducted by Tahir Ataev prepared another surprise for fans. On December 1, a music program dedicated to Pop Idol Michael Jackson will be presented at the Turkmenistan Concert Hall.

It has been 10 years since the death of pop superstar Michael Jackson and fans worldwide continue to mourn their loss. The pop legend left an indelible mark in the music, dance and show business industries. Michael Jackson has become an idol for many generations, and there is hardly find any person who at least once in his life has not heard his famous hits.

This summer, Tahir Ataev’s orchestra had the pleasure of working on the famous hits ( the British rock band Queen. The original interpretation of famous songs delighted the audience, as evidenced by the positive feedback from the listeners.

“We continue to expand our horizons and to experiment with music styles, adapting to us,” Takhir Ataev, conductor of the orchestra, says. “For a long time, we have been thinking about dedicating the concert program to Michael Jackson. We studied his music and identified a few his songs that would sound good in instrumental performance without a vocal line.”

According to the conductor, there will be many surprises at the concert. At the hall entrance, the concert visitors will enjoy many pleasant surprises that are so far kept in a secret.

“This time we are preparing a unique concert. The program includes performances of famous vocalist Bahar Durdiyeva, singer Dovran Shomyev, member of the Red Band jazz band Aynur Mahmudova. Such hits by Michael Jackson as “Billie Jean”, “Thriller” and many others will be performed at the concert. Of course, there are will be dance show also – if we are talking about the concert in memory of Michael Jackson!

To complete the instrumental component of the cult artist, bass guitarist Igor Shevtsov and drummer Konstantin Timurhanov would join the string orchestra.

On coming Sunday, Michael Jackson fans are invited to enjoy the new sound of legendary compositions. The concert starts at 19:00.

To order tickets and learn more, please, feel free to call: +99362 53-28-71, 55-90-15