Remark: Sanction “wave”? Or …

Remark: Sanction “wave”? Or …

Recently the word “sanction” has become leading among most often used ones in materials of international topics. One of these days in the foreign policy department of the Russian Federation they made the statement concerning the next anti-Russian attack from the USA in which it is underlined that “not a single sanction “wave” will be left unpunished!”

Amidst never-ending such “waves” the Czech authorities did not stand aside, having made a decision to expel from the country 18 Russian diplomats. The reply of the Kremlin did kept itself waiting long – 20 Czech diplomats were declared persona non-grata.

Right after it official Prague was perplexed, why in Moscow they decided to turn out from Russia on the whole two diplomats more than the Czech side? Indeed, after that in the diplomatic representative office of Czechia in the Russian Federation remains neither much nor a little, only 5 employees!

And there immediately exceeding the Bible principle of talion “an eye for an eye, tooth for tooth”, Czechs make a decision not to admit the State Corporation Rosatom to participate in the tender for atomic power station completion in Dukovany. And their position was supported by neighbouring Slovakia …

I am afraid that such competitions of reciprocal actions with accruing “waves” can result eventually in a serious “storm”.

It is not good for the world when the countries amicably accuse each other of unfriendly relations. It would be better for them on the contrary – with hostility to concern the condition of mutual animosities. After all, and really, the sanction “wave” can outgrow into the sanction “war”. And it will be already absolutely other – a terrible level of opposition.
But the overwhelming majority of people of our planet would like to see that, despite all disagreements, the main reference point between the countries as that of ORIENT, would be “what brings people closer”.

Alexander Bayriev