Red turtles are “evacuated” in the south of Tajikistan

Red turtles are “evacuated” in the south of Tajikistan

Since April of this year, red turtles are rescued in the south of Tajikistan in the village of Umarzok due to the negative environmental impact of the CASA-1000 energy project. The initiator of the rescue of reptiles was Murod Sharifov, Tajik media reported.

Volunteers try to move the turtles to a safe place as quickly as possible, until they have started the period of childbirth. They are taken out five kilometers from the village in order to prevent defenseless animals from falling under trucks during construction.

Work on the “evacuation” are carried out under the leadership of the regional Office of Environmental Protection.

According to the head of the rescue group Nazrullo Nazrulloev, to date, more than 29 thousand species have been rescued. In addition to them, about 200 snakes and 100 lizards were also transferred.

It should be noted that the rescue of reptiles will continue for another 12 days. The aim of the work is to preserve the numbers of the Central Asian turtles listed in the Red Book of Tajikistan in 2015.

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