Readiness #1: “school bazaars” in Ashgabat

In Ashgabat and all over Turkmenistan, school “fairs” are now in high gear, where a wide range of stationery products: pens, notebooks, diaries and much more, are offered. Here anyone may provide the future pupil with all the things needed.

As for the uniform, its choice is quite wide. White shirts and black classic suits are for boys, green dresses and white aprons – for girls.

Of course, if the child goes “to the first class – for the first time”, his parents should pay more attention to the arrangements, starting from the choice of a schoolbag and ending with pencil sharpeners.

It is easier for teenagers to attack this problem. They already know themselves what exactly they need from school supplies. They will only have to buy a few things, having renewed their wardrobe.

The first bell is on the verge of ringing. In the meantime, until the end of August, they ought to get ready their school uniform, buy white bows… And forward, towards the festive school line of September 1.

Svetlana MAYAK