Rating of the safest countries for women has been made

Rating of the safest countries for women has been made

The American National Geographic Magazine has published the rating of the countries that are most safe and comfortable for women to live in. The rating included 167 countries of the world, where Turkmenistan ranks 60th. The rating provides a special explanation about Turkmenistan that reads: “the level of access to financial services in Turkmenistan has increased from 1 to 36% since 2017”.

The indicator of Turkmenistan is the second among the Central Asian states after Kazakhstan, which holds the 43rd position in the rating. Our other neighbors are in the following order: Kyrgyzstan – 80th, Uzbekistan – 89th and Tajikistan – 96th.

CIS countries: Belarus – 38th, Russia – 50th, Moldova – 64th, Armenia – 82nd and Azerbaijan – 123rd.

According to the rating compilers, Norway, Switzerland and Finland are the safest and most convenient countries for women to live. The last three places in the rating are held by Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen.

The rating titled Women, Peace and Security Index has been made since 2017, and covers 167 countries around the world. Positions in the rating are determined by experts of the Peace Research Institute Oslo and the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security. When compiling a list of states, three main indicators are used: justice, security and the participation of women in socio-political and economic activities.

The ratings of states on various problems of life are, of course, very popular among readers, but at the same time, they are quite subjective in content. It should be admitted that the rating compilers are aware well of the situation in Western countries, and very superficially in other regions of the world.

Nevertheless, these ratings, at all costs, give the governments of states around the world a focus on areas they have to work to address various social problems.

As for Turkmenistan, the country’s Government pays much attention to gender equality. Traditionally, Turkmen women are considered the home and family keepers. But this is just a tradition. At the legislative level, Turkmen women have the right to independently choose the fields of their occupation. Today they are self-realized in the policy and economy, including the management of large state and private production enterprises, as well as successfully work in the field of art.

Of course, this is also the subjective opinion of a journalist, but as far as one can judge, the overwhelming majority of Turkmen women who make careers are successfully combining career growth with family life. As they say, one does not interfere with the other, but it is quite the contrary.