Rainy March is expected in Turkmenistan

Rainy March is expected in Turkmenistan

The ongoing March will bring spring rains that will fall throughout Turkmenistan. Significant precipitation is expected in Ashgabat on the night of 5 March, while the air temperature will range from 7 to 10 degrees Celsius above zero.

At the same time, the rains will cause them high humidity up to 86% and strong gusts of wind. The most intense precipitation will be in the foothill areas of the Akhal Region, and snow will fall in the Kopetdag Mountains, where the air temperature in the morning will drop to 0 and -5 degrees.

The capital city of Turkmenistan will be dominated by rainfall for all the next week. The changing cloudiness will last until mid-March. The air temperature will vary from 2 degrees above zero in the morning to +14 degrees in the daytime.

It will rain in some areas in the Mary Region. There will be strong winds and rains in the Balkan Region, and the situation will be same in the Lebap Region. The changing cloudiness and insignificant precipitation will be observed in Dashoguz.

However, showers will be unevenly distributed throughout the country. If a plenty of precipitation is expected in the central part, it will be below the average rate in some areas.

According to popular beliefs, the strong night wind in March betokens warming and heavy rainfall. People say: “Rain on International Women’s Day is the girls’ tears”. However, a strong half of humanity believes that these are still men’s “tears” due to the high cost of flowers on March 8. But this is, of course, a joke.