“Pump” yourself: a hobby, as an additional development

“Pump” yourself: a hobby, as an additional development

Active implementation of additional development circles and sections in the curriculum for schoolchildren and preschool children helps to raise a purposeful personality.

Children are the hope and support of our future, and we must invest in the future.

We attended an open vocal lesson at one of these development centers.

The lesson, which was attended by the parents of the students, took place in a relaxed atmosphere.

“Each student needs a different approach,” says vocal teacher Irina Belyakina. – We give children creative freedom in choosing material, our students perform everything from Muslim Magomayev’s songs to the rock and roll wave of Elvis Presley.

In the open lesson of the younger group – children from five to ten years. We found the students just at the moment when the eight-year-old Ahmed approached the piano, accompanied by the teacher’s phrase: “Ahmed has a surprise for you.” The boy performed a short composition behind the instrument, and this skill was acquired in just a few lessons. Wow!

A very artistic girl Aishat also flashed her talent and played Tchaikovsky’s Dance of Little Swans with her fingers.

The lesson in the choral performance of the lullaby from the cartoon ended. Affectionate parents gave their children enthusiastic applause.

Sports clubs are in great demand: combat sambo, aikido, fitness and, of course, fly yoga.

On the metal beams located under the ceiling, elastic hammocks are fixed. The design can withstand weight up to six hundred kilograms.

Wrapping up in elastic matter, stretching the spine, and just hanging in the air is already a pleasure. Fly Yoga combines the elements of acrobatics and aerial gymnastics, while staying in the air does not overload the joints.

Svetlana MAYAK