Protect yourself from common Christmas injuries

Protect yourself from common Christmas injuries

On New Year’s Eve you need to rejoice and celebrate. But sometimes the fun goes so far that injuries happen. ORIENT tells what troubles most often happen on New Year’s Day and how to provide first aid.

1. Bruises, dislocations, fractures

Traumatologists in the New Year work especially hard. Bruises and dislocations are the standard diagnosis for patients who arrived from December 31 to January 1. Someone fell from high heels, someone slipped or twisted his leg, and so on.

Expert advice: if you do not keep your balance and fall, do not stretch your arms. Cover your head with them to avoid traumatic brain injury.

With bruises and dislocations, the victim needs rest, a tight bandage in place of the damaged joint. To reduce pain – pain medication inside, ice – to the site of injury. And the obligatory control of a doctor.

2. Eye injuries

Opticians and ophthalmologists on New Year’s Day also rarely remain without work. Causes of eye injuries can be everyday situations and careless handling of New Year’s decorations. It’s not so difficult to stumble on a needle of a Christmas tree or pine tree during its decoration or during games.

Another common cause is champagne cork injury. A plug flies out of a bottle of the most popular New Year’s drink at a speed of about 46 km / h. Eye contact is very dangerous. The safest way to open the bottle is to put a towel on the cork and turn it carefully until it is free.

In case of any eye injury, you should immediately consult a doctor to prevent the development of traumatic erosion of the cornea, severe acute inflammation of the inner membranes of the eye and other unpleasant consequences.

3. Overeating

New Year’s Eve is a great occasion to prepare many dishes and treat guests with culinary delights. The abundance of smoked meats, spicy and fatty foods, alcohol abuse leads to an exacerbation of pancreatitis, ulcers and cholecystitis, as well as poisoning. According to statistics, during the New Year holidays, emergency operations to remove the gallbladder are performed not much less than throughout the rest of the winter season.

The advice here is one: do not overeat. Doctors strongly recommend that people with chronic diseases adhere to the diet prescribed by the doctor and do not stop taking the medicine to avoid exacerbation.

If the stomach is still bubbling, it is necessary to rinse it with soda solution. You also need to give the victim enveloping agents, absorbents and deliver him to the hospital as soon as possible.

4. Burns and injuries from fireworks

Sparklers, scented candles, and even your favorite tradition — burning a piece of paper with a wish over a champagne glass — can cause serious injury.

When inattentive, electrical appliances also carry a danger – a kettle forgotten on the stove, an iron not turned off. To prevent such situations, city halls of all cities distributed memos in residential complexes describing possible fire hazard situations and their causes.

With a mild degree (1st and 2nd) burns, you can hold the burned place under running water for 10-15 minutes. Then apply a clean, moist dressing and ensure complete peace. With 3rd and 4th degrees, you must call an ambulance!

Remember that absolutely safe pyrotechnic products do not exist. It is necessary to purchase them only in specialized stores, and not at street points, and during the use to strictly follow the instructions.

Do not overshadow your holiday and be always ready! Happy New Year!