Presidential awards were presented to cultural figures in Ashgabat

As part of the festive events on the upcoming 28th anniversary of the Independence of Turkmenistan, the awarding ceremony for the presidential prize was held at the Mukams Palace of State Cultural Center.

Among the winners of the Altyn Asyr Prize are well-known figures of culture, science, art, talented specialists who have distinguished themselves for a long time by a responsible attitude to work, and achieved successes, as well as young artists, musicians, etc.

One of them was sound designer Mekan Nuriyev – a graduate of the Turkmen State Institute of Culture of Turkmenistan, now working in the Culture Department of Dashoguz region.

Mekan has been fond of music since childhood. His father – a Turkmen language and literature teacher, learned to play the guitar, and Mekan and his brother were his loyal fans from an early age. Later, they began to try themselves in the musical field: they composed music for songs and video clips.

And the first experience of Mekan’s performance on stage was a resounding success. Since then he has not been called other than singer Mekan Nuriyev. His talents were recognized at the Nurmuhamet Andalib Dashoguz State Music and Drama Theater, where he finally chose his future profession.

Having entered a vocational school named after Magtymguly Garliyev in his native Dashoguz Mekan under the supervision of Marina Petrova did not miss the chance to try himself in something new. Dubbing, music composing, sound designing… The young man wanted to learn all about sounds, study, try…

At the institute, his mentor was Lyubov Garliyeva, the daughter-in-law of famous Alta Garliyev, who gave him freedom of creativity and the opportunity to participate in various projects. As a student, he took part in the musical design of many Turkmen films and television series.

And then there was a lot of work over the popularization videos of the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, to which he also dedicated his song and performed it himself.


Now Mekan Nuriyev is developing a large project, but we will not disclose the holiday surprise, which will be known to all soon.

– I am very glad that I had and have the opportunity to study and work with real professionals in my field, participate in grandiose, landmark projects for the country, Mekan says.