President of Turkmenistan tested a new sports car and launched auto racing

President of Turkmenistan tested a new sports car and launched auto racing

Turkmenistan organized a series of championships in motor sport in honor of the anniversary date of the year – the 25th anniversary of neutrality. Before their start, the head of state, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, visited the Ashgabat Motorsport Center, subordinate to the country’s Interior Ministry.

During a visit to the center and familiarization with its activities, the president was shown new models of sports cars and offered to test one of the cars. Assessing the characteristics of the car and sitting behind the wheel, the head of state once again demonstrated his extreme driving skills.

After that, the President gave a symbolic start to the motorsport competition. The first of them – rally raid – took place in the Karakum Desert. Its route began not far from the unique sight of the Turkmen desert “Karakum yalkymy” (“Karakum light”). A route of 100 kilometers was laid from the decades-long burning crater.

10 teams competed at the distance, and the first was the crew of the country’s transport agency, which in a Nissan Patrol car finished in 1 hour 42 minutes 07 seconds.

The crew of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was in second place – on the Mini Cooper it showed a time of 1 hour 48 minutes 8 seconds. On the third – with a result of 2 hours 7 minutes 3 seconds, was the crew of the Nissan Pathfinder of the Presidential Security Service.

And at the Center for Automobile Sports, the country’s championships in karting, circuit racing on Volkicar (1671 meters) and drifting – the most spectacular discipline of automobile racing, where the beauty and precision of driving, and the style of piloting are valued – were held.

Then the award ceremony of the winners took place, in which the honored trainer of Turkmenistan, President of the International Association “Turkmen Alabai” Serdar Berdimuhamedov addressed the participants. On behalf of the head of state, the winners of the competition were presented with cups and gifts – the first domestically produced smart TVs.