Presentation of Turkmen gadgets – novelties of the country’s electronic industry

Presentation of Turkmen gadgets – novelties of the country’s electronic industry

The presentation of new products of the Turkmen electronic industry took place today after a meeting of the government of Turkmenistan. It was chaired by the Minister of Industry and Construction Serdar Berdimuhamedov.

The ministry headed by him, together with entrepreneurs, organizes import substitution enterprises for the production of modern electronic equipment for various purposes. Samples of products were presented – smart TVs with a diagonal of 65 inches, cell phones with two SIM cards, smartphones, various types of monoblocks, routers, split air conditioners and coolers.

These goods, which are traditionally in high demand on the market, are produced by the Aýdyň gijeler joint venture, created with the share of the Ministry of Industry and Construction of Turkmenistan (49%).

Aýdyň gijeler has already launched the production of various LED lamps, computers for schoolchildren, netbooks, smart TVs with a diagonal of 32, 42 and 55 inches, and recently with a diagonal of 65 inches. Consumers distinguish these products because of their favorable price-quality combination and buy them willingly.

Serdar Berdimuhamedov spoke about the features of electronic products and new technologies used in their production. The minister asked the president to name the presented novelties.

The head of state named the 65-inch smart TV “Älem” (Space), and the monoblock computer “Şowly” (Successful). It was proposed to name the smartphone “Milli” (National), mini-phones with two SIM cards – “Körpe” (Kid), routers – “Uçgun” (Spark).

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov pointed out the need to provide the population with such devices, improve their quality, expand their range, and most importantly, establish prices affordable for buyers.