Premium fresh tomatoes all the year round

Premium fresh tomatoes all the year round

Last Saturday, a new greenhouse for growing El Bandito tomatoes was opened in the Mary region. The Halal Dogan Individual Enterprise plans to receive 1,200 tons of crop per year from 5 hectares in a greenhouse. The facility built by the Dört paslyň berekedi Individual Enterprise has already created fifty jobs.

The tomato greenhouse is equipped with a drip line irrigation and sensors that support optimal plant conditions. It would allow producing of tomatoes throughout all the year, regardless of season and weather conditions.

There are more than ten thousand species of tomatoes in the world and their consumption is growing steadily. In fact, the word “tomato” is derived from the Aztec word “tomatl”. The word in Russian is originated from French (tomate). “Tomato,” another popular name for the vegetable, comes from Ital. pomo d’oro – the “golden apple”. Almost everyone likes to eat this ripe, fragrant, juicy vegetable, which is a component of almost salads.

Seeds of El Bandito tomatoes, which will be grown in the new greenhouse, are exported from Turkey. While, the extra-class tomato species are of Dutch origin, and the vegetables have excellent taste and pleasant smell that are distinguished from others.

An interesting historical fact: only at the end of the 18th century, tomatoes were introduced to Europe, where they became used in food. The tomato was initially regarded as poisonous. The species originated is South America, while today China is the largest tomato producer in the world.

Tomatoes are thermophilic vegetable crops, and the climate of Turkmenistan is considered favorable for its cultivation. Vegetable growers from different regions of the country every year increase tomato productivity. So, on outcomes of 2019, the vegetable growers of Ahal province implemented state demands, and therefore different varieties of Turkmen tomatoes were exported.

As to the prospects of the new greenhouse, the head of the Halal Dogan Individual Enterprise Serdar Berdiyev noted: “We are currently planning to supply tomatoes to the domestic market, and in the future, we are aimed to enter the markets of our neighboring countries.”

In addition, by 2021, the entrepreneur’s plan is to commission another 5-hectar greenhouse, which means that the residents of Turkmenistan will be provided with delicious tomatoes at any time of the year.