Pre-New Year marathon for mothers and children starts tomorrow

Pre-New Year marathon for mothers and children starts tomorrow

There are only a few days left before the New Year’s Holiday, and in order to create a festive mood for themselves and their children, active and positive mothers from Turkmenistan decided to launch a pre-New Year marathon. During the week, kids and parents will decorate their New Year’s trees, learn how to create New Year’s toys with their own hands, learn winter poems and, most importantly, will together write a letter to Santa Claus.

Anyone can take part in the holiday marathon, and it can be done without leaving the home, since all events will be held online. Every day, the action participants will be assigned to tasks, and post photo reports on the work done on their pages in the social network. The Development and Leisure Center for Superheroes, the marathon organizer, informs that more than 20 mothers have already expressed their desire to participate.

The pre-New Year marathon starts on December 20 and will run exactly 7 days. Therefore, this is a great chance for those who want to join and create a New Year’s holiday mood. Detailed information and the marathon schedule can be obtained by phone: +993 62 542332.

“Our project is more focused on working with mothers. We often hold seminars where we discuss issues of concern for the upbringing and development of children”, says Feruza Pettulaeva, a representative of the Development and Leisure Center. – We have recently had an online meeting with a teacher-psychologist, where the expert shared valuable advice on how to get the child interested in doing homework and how to reward him for success.

The pre-New Year marathon program also includes trainings with teachers. In a live broadcast, an experienced philologist will teach young mothers how to tell children about Santa Claus so that the children in no way doubt the existence of a winter white-bearded wizard. After all, the New Year’s magic stops only for those who cease to believe in it.

Also, the mother coach will help the entertaining and informative action participants prepare the festive dishes for the New Year’s table. Children and parents will try to cook various treats together, and learn some culinary secrets.

An eventful and interesting marathon program will not let mothers and kids get bored. The most active parents who would take part in all the announced tasks will receive as a gift the current “Superkidstm” teaching aids, developed by teachers and specialists in the field of developing children’s potential.