PRC will lead the world list of importers of “blue fuel” in 2018

PRC will lead the world list of importers of “blue fuel” in 2018

The PRC in 2018 will inherit the garland of victory from Japan for importing natural gas and will head the list of buyers of “blue fuel” in the world, experts of Reuters believe.

This is due to China’s desire to purify the air in the country by switching from less environmentally friendly coal to a more environmentally friendly gas.

Currently, the Celestial Empire is the largest buyer of oil and coal, and is also on the third place in the world for the use of natural gas after the US and Russia. At the same time, China has to buy about 40% of its demand for “blue fuel” on foreign markets, as domestic gas production does not “keep pace” with domestic demand.

Pipeline gas is received from Turkmenistan and Myanmar, and liquefied gas from Australia, Qatar and Malaysia.

Experts note that by the end of 2017, Chinese gas imports will amount to 67 million tons, which is more than a quarter higher than imports of 2016. This is still less than Japanese purchases, however, the trend is set, and it will lead to the fact that in 2018 the Celestial Empire will overtake the Land of the Rising Sun in importing natural gas.