Potential of NGOs discussed at international seminar in China

Potential of NGOs discussed at international seminar in China

The Capacity Building of Non-Governmental Organizations Programme started as part of the Annual Multilateral Seminars Programme in Fuzhou city, the administrative center of Fujian, China.

The training plan of the seminar, organized by the Center for Education and Training of Foreign Economy and Trade Personnel of Fujian Province, and sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, will brought together during 20 days representatives of state and public institutions of Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Uzbekistan.

Deputy Head of the Center Wu Ziping spoke at a meeting with the seminar participants on the NGOs role in social development:

– In the same way as economic realities stimulate the market, social development should better utilize the social power. As an important force between government and market structures, NGOs have an important role in economy building and social development, especially in matters such as disaster relief assistance, fight against poverty, and issued related to women and people’s well-being.

According to the organizers, the seminar through discussion will allow partners to learn the ways to implement NGOs using the example of Chinese non-governmental organizations. The programme includes lectures by prominent government and public figures, scientists, leaders in the banking sector, as well as NGOs representatives.