The Investment Forum in Ashkhabad: businessmen explore ways of replacement of the import in the transport sphere

The Investment Forum in Ashkhabad: businessmen explore ways of replacement of the import in the transport sphere

More than 50 private companies of Turkmenistan take part in the Investment Forum of the transport and communication complex which has been opened today in Ashkhabad.

The attention of manufacturers of the private sector was drawn to investment opportunities in the transport sphere of the country with a focus on import replacing in the field of deliveries of equipment, spare parts, building and expendable materials, rendering of services and organisation of new electronic services.

On this topic leading experts of various branches of the transport sector - railway, motor and road transport, sea and river navigation, civil aircraft, and also in the sphere of communication and communications delivered their reports and presentations for businessmen.

The commodity structure of import and way of its replacement on the basis of modern technologies, transition to competitive domestic analogues were analysed. As speakers pointed out, the state economic policy to support the local manufacture and business creates impressive stimulus for attraction of investments into establishment of innovative enterprises.

In particular, it concerned requirements for spare parts for locomotives and freight cars, other vehicles, materials for construction of railways and highways, necessary parts in service of planes and ships, production for electrical supply for traffic services, accumulators and cables for communications system and others.

After each speech the session for questions and answers when manufacturers and potential investors could receive explanations and specifications on the topics they are interested, followed.

The basic part of the companies presented at the forum specialises in the area of transportation and service of cars, forwarding services, manufacture of accumulators, brake blocks, air and oil filters, and windshields for cars, engine oils, and electric motors for diesel locomotives.

There are also manufacturers of furniture, plastic products, equipment for air conditioning, public catering establishment. As observers, representatives of the logistic companies also participated in the forum.

In the second half of the day representatives of all transport agencies and “Turkmenaragatnashyk” Agency held round table meetings with businessmen and more in detail discussed particulars and formats of perspective investment projects.

The forum will continue on Friday, April 9. For the second day discussions on modernisation of transport infrastructure and its digitalization, transfer of the best foreign technologies to the area of bridge building, machine-tool construction, recycling of the waste formed at the enterprises of the transport complex, and development of domestic analogues of such programs as cargo taxi Uber Freight, development of passenger services and Internet-services for all types of transport are planned.