Tale of Ashgabat, or what Rigonda and Yunost told

Tale of Ashgabat, or what Rigonda and Yunost told

About thirty years ago and even more, there lived in this world a very young and beautiful ... radio and record player named Rigonda, and next to it on the table was a small TV-set named Yunost.

Rigonda delighted people with radio broadcasts from all over the world, as well as favorite songs and melodies from records of the company known in those distant times, which was called Melody.

And Yunost, in turn, also made people happy, showing the life in big cities and small villages, distant countries and the nearest outskirts, endless waters of seas and oceans, dry and waterless deserts.

... But time runs fast. Faster than a flash in the pan, ten and twenty, and even thirty or more years are left behind. And teenagers, people of the new era, cannot understand what these mean, the unexpectedly found in the corners of the closet, already greatly aged Rigonda and the decrepit Yunost.

How can they understand? After all, they are everywhere surrounded by huge TV-sets, interactive monitors and touch panels of the new era, and present-day computers either fit in pockets in the form of a mobile phone, or stand on the table, replacing the library, workspace, cinema and much more. Today’s residents of white marble houses on only one street lived in the recent past in entire districts with strange names Khitrovka, Gazha, Keshi...

A wonderful time, and what was created in just three decades is also amazing. And this fairy tale about Ashgabat is our very reality.

The fairy tale-truth “30 years later” was narrated by Alexander BAIRIYEV

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