5 interesting applications for self-development: read, watch, learn

5 interesting applications for self-development: read, watch, learn

Mobile applications have become a part of day-to-day life, while App Store and Google Pay offer more and more – for any taste and interest.

ORIENT suggests you a brief tour to learn about 5 applications that will be useful for self-development and informative as online pastime.

Application СТИХиЯ will assist a user to get acquainted with the work of famous poets and help to learn poems by heart. The app can be of special interest for schoolchildren and graduates. To remember better the text, the process can be divided into several stages. First, you read the whole poem, and then remove some words, and then the whole lines.

Music lovers will like Chordify app. It is an online music education tool that helps you to get chords for any song you want. The service automatically recognizes the acordes and audio signal of a song and will synchronize this with your song in a simple and innovative music player. It is good for a self-taught person.

DailyArt is a free app that publishes one different piece of art every day. But that’s not all – with each update users of DailyArt receive additional information about the artwork; usually a description, where it was created and information about the artist. DailyArt will help you expand your horizons and erudition, to join the world of beauty.

If you are learning languages, then Tandem is a great app for it as it lets you learn the best way possible: by having real conversations with other users who are interested in the same things you are.

FBReader is an e-book reader that lets you download books and then read them offline. It is very easy to use. Screen brightness and font size can be easily adjusted.