100 oil and gas companies from 30 countries joined a dialogue with Ashgabat on energy issues

100 oil and gas companies from 30 countries joined a dialogue with Ashgabat on energy issues

In view of the global challenges and trends in the oil and gas industry, the focus of its agenda is on digital transformation and the development of new technologies, monetization, attraction of investments, and the environmental component.

All these issues were raised at the International Conference “Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan” hosted by Ashgabat on October 28-29, in which heads and representatives of state agencies of Turkmenistan and more than 100 leading oil and gas companies from 30 countries, major international organizations and financial institutions, experts and analysts take part online and offline.

The participants discuss current topics of the Turkmen and world oil and gas industry, the latest trends in the national and global energy sector, and conduct a joint work to find effective solutions to problems.

The mission of the forum is to promote better understanding between players in the oil and gas sector through an open, informal and constructive dialogue.

For Turkmenistan, as a gas power, this meeting of state officials and representatives of world business will help determine the energy strategy for the near future, including in terms of the global movement towards a green economy.

After all, it is gas that can provide critical support for renewable energy, as it is a source that does not depend on whether the wind is blowing or if the sun is shining, and will help achieve the ambitious decarbonization targets needed to address climate change.

Time will show if gas becomes the key basis of the future energy balance or a bridge to the transition to renewable energy sources. In the meantime, the oil and gas sector remains an attractive market for developers, investors and businesses.

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