Sacred pages of war are forever in human memory

Sacred pages of war are forever in human memory

The State Museum of the State Cultural Center of Turkmenistan has again opened the doors for Ashgabat residents and guests of the capital – the exhibition “To Fearless Heroes – Eternal Glory”, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, attracted the attention of professional historians, experts of local history, cultural workers and museums staff, heads and representatives of state departments, public organizations and universities of the country, media, professional and teaching staff and students.

Those who came to see the exposition were welcomed by the music of the war years performed by the orchestra of the Turkmen State Special Music School named after D. Ovezov at the Turkmen National Conservatory named after M. Kulieva.

“The exhibition is supervised by Ovezmuhammed Mammetnurov, Director of the State Museum, and is composed of documents, photographs, exhibits, as well as print media from the museum’s own fund,” Annaoraz Abdyev, the museum’s chief specialist, says.

The exhibit includes pieces of war years such as artifacts found, materials from family albums, white boats of front-line letters, military awards and binoculars, tablets, carryalls, propaganda posters, straw shoes and even German boots. All this items are invaluable evidence of those fiery days and nights, of that unprecedented feat of our compatriots who defended the native land.

The print media presented at the exposition keeps the historical memory of the war, as they are monuments of book culture, which are a bibliographic rarity today.

In addition, the exhibition features the books by Seyitniyaz Atayev, who went to the front in 1942 and commanded a platoon, rota, and battalion. At the head of the intelligence group he was in the enemy’s rear many times, as well as he was among the partisans. He heard the news about the end of the war on the Elbe as the regiment’s intelligence commander. He is the author of many works about that terrible period of war and of translation of many classic works into the Turkmen language; in addition, he is the author of the movie script for the film “There Is No Death, Guys!” Among his personal belongings, a pocket edition of Makhtumkuli poems is of special attention. The book has a hole made by an enemy bullet during the battle. The bullet was stuck in a book that the writer always carried with him, and it saved his life.

Moreover, the museum’s thematic exposition presents unique portraits of Turkmen citizens – heroes of the Great Patriotic War, painted by well-known artists: K. Hnykin, G. Brusentsov and others.

There are also documentary photographs of Turkmen women whose heroic work in the rear during the war contributed a lot to the Victory. Many of them sent their jewelry and warm clothes to the Front Assistance Fund. The model of the T-34 tank, presented in 1946 by Marshal Pavel Rybalko to the daikhanin Lallyk Hanov, who donated his personal savings to build a combat vehicle for the army, photo documents testifying the transfer of the own savings in the amount of 60 thousand rubles by the collective farmer Niyazova to the Defense Fund – all examples are evidence of huge contribution to the victory of the rear workers.

Visitors to the exhibition will be acquainted with documentary photographs of surgeons Dursunjemal Ismailova and Sachli Dursunova, who showed heroism in the war, as well as see the Turkmen folk music instruments, the owners of which fought at the front and continued to create beautiful music pieces even during cruel and terrible time.

The series of books “Memory” and “Glory”, telling about the Turkmen warriors who showed courage in the bloodiest war of the 20th century are of special importance among exhibits.

“The main message of the exhibition is to try to transfer the feeling of joy on the end of the war, to say thanks to our great-grandfathers, grandfathers and fathers for a peaceful sky, as well as to form a patriotic consciousness, love and respect for the history of Turkmenistan, to attract the attention of students to the issues of preserving the memory of the events of the Great Patriotic War . Our sacred duty is to safe this heroic heritage, to pass on to the new generation the most sacred feeling – the feeling of love for the Motherland, Annaoraz Abdyev summed up.


Photo: Ovez Ovezov