Turkmen national team debuted in the competition of eSports


The competition for eSports started at the 5th Asian Games "Ashgabat 2017" on September 25th. On the same day the teams of China, Mongolia and the Philippines broke out into the leaders of the tournament. Turkmenistan was represented in the games "Dota 2" and "Hearth Stone"; however our eSports players could not achieve good results.

The team of Turkmenistan for "Dota 2" took on the Chinese, Philippine and Jordan national teams, losing in each of the competitions with a score of 2:0.

Our player on "Hearth Stone" Serdar Nurmyradov lost with a score of 3:1 to Nambargin Tumenbayar from Mongolia and Tsu-Lin Tsao from Chinese Taipei.

The progress of eSports competitions on 5th Asian Games was commented for Orient by Atash Veliyev, one of the founders of the “Dota TM” community and the organizer of the qualifying tournament for “Dota 2” at the 5th Asian Games “Ashgabat 2017”:

  • It was quite predictable that strong Chinese players will immediately break out into the leaders. But I also placed my hopes on our players, realizing that they are beginners, and this was, moreover, their first competition of such scale.

Despite the loss, we must take into account that we are at the initial stage of the formation of eSports at the national level, and it is just the first step at the international level. This sport is very specific. For example, talented sportsmen who have been engaged in training for many years from an early age under the guidance of an experienced coach can become a football player of the premier league, however, it's possible to become a good eSport player even after a couple of years of hard training.

Teams of "superstars" take part in world championships, but any team of new players can challenge and play with them as equals. Therefore, there are prospects for the future victories of the Turkmen team. The main thing is not to stop at what has been achieved and to make progress in the future.

On September 27, the final day of the eSports competitions will determine the winners of the 5th Asian Games for games “Hearth Stone”, “Dota 2”, “Star Craft 2” and “The King of Fighters XIV”. The fans have the opportunity to view the competition both on the eSports arena and on-line on the site

Also, we remind that "Dota TM" community of eSports fans in Turkmenistan conducts a qualifying tournament for the game “Counter Strike: Global Offensive”. Winners of the competition will get a chance to go to the international tournament World Cyber Games, the prize fund of which in different years was about five hundred thousand US dollars.