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Why is weightlifting cool?

09.11.2018 | 09:42 |
 Why is weightlifting cool?


World Weightlifting Championships in Ashgabat is nearing completion. During the eight days of the world championship, ORIENT correspondents talked with many weightlifters and coaches. We asked them, “Why is weightlifting cool?”

Oleg Pisarevsky - coach of the Russian national weightlifting team:

  • There is no sport in which there is no weightlifting. It is even in rhythmic gymnastics, in synchronized swimming.

Weightlifting is necessary for all athletes, because strength is needed in any sports discipline. Do you know who jumps higher and farther? Who runs the fastest? Weightlifters! This sport gives strength to legs, arms, back, etc. The whole steepness is that without weightlifting it would not be easy!

Nora Jaggy (76 kg), Switzerland:

  • I do weightlifting, because it is necessary to combine strength, flexibility, and agility - all in one, which requires well-honed and developed technology. This makes it a tremendously difficult sport, but at the same time - very interesting. And you can always improve both your abilities and results, by throwing yourself a challenge from time to time on the platform. And that's cool!

Klaus Lorant Georg Hoffman (109 kg), Germany:

  • My dad was doing weightlifting. Once I was invited to a sports club. I agreed and realized that this sport opens up tremendous opportunities. You become more confident with each exit to the platform. Do you want to know why it's cool for me? Because weightlifting is my life!

Isaac Morillas - representative of the Weightlifting Federation of Spain:

  • Initially, I was running with a trainer who was a world weightlifting champion. We trained with him in the gym for physical fitness. And so I began to gradually engage in weightlifting. Then I won the Spanish Championship, which gave me a ticket to the European Championship. Then I realized that, in sports, you can travel and see the world.

Secondly, thanks to the Spanish Weightlifting Federation, I made a career not only in sports - I became part of a huge community. Weightlifting has drastically changed my life, and can do it with anyone.

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