Post-holiday disposal of Christmas trees

Post-holiday disposal of Christmas trees

The chimes beat off, the fireworks stopped thundering, the last salads were eaten – the New Year’s Holidays came to an end. And inevitably the question arises of what to do with the Christmas tree – the main beauty of the holiday, which now should be replaced by other home decorations.

Each owner decides independently what to do with the holiday tree. ORIENT offers you the experience of other countries in the disposal of Christmas trees.

In every European country, this problem is solved in different ways, but certainly with benefit.

In the cities of Sweden and Finland, special trucks drive through the streets and collect unnecessary Christmas trees. Then they are dismantled – part is transported to furniture factories for processing, and another part to boiler rooms as firewood. According to estimates, more than 10% of the population is supplied heat and hot water in January-February precisely thanks to the disposal of Christmas trees. Spruce firewood is rather environmentally friendly: when burning, they emit as much carbon as they consumed.

In the UK, seasonal New Year’s tree reception centers open. Those who wish can bring the tree or order transportation for an additional fee.

In some countries, for example, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Austria, New Year’s trees are disposed of at compost plants producing organic fertilizers which are bought up by local farmers.

Christmas trees are also used to make national souvenirs such as knives, figurines, statuettes and dishes in a traditional style.

Moreover, Christmas trees are sometimes given to zoos and rangers of green areas, where the tree can take root and grow for a long time.

The tradition of setting a Christmas tree is most common in European countries. Especially for holidays, there are zones in which felling of trees is allowed. These are the areas through which, for example, gas pipelines or power lines pass. Trees cut down to counter fires are also supplied to the market. There are also “New Year’s plantations” where various fir trees are grown especially for the holiday.

In Asia, in particular on the Pacific coast, live tangerine trees in pots are preferred during the New Year’s Holiday, which will delight the owners for a long time, as compared to the fallen trees.