Poems and metal element in the art philosophy of Amandurdy Meredov

Poems and metal element in the art philosophy of Amandurdy Meredov

People’s Artist of Turkmenistan Amandurdy Meredov celebrated his 70th birthday. The metal sculptor, the author of philosophical iron installations, still works in his workshop, making new compositions.

– I like to watch the desert and foothills. They provide interesting stories and ideas, the master admits. – Beetles, snakes, monitor lizards…, but especially birds. When I was young, I often saw in my dream that I fly. Apparently, this craving for bird flight was reflected in my work. I want to capture not an image, but a state.

Indeed, the birds of Amandurdy Meredov are heavenly wanderers rushing into the distance. Watching graceful figurines, you completely forget that they are made of metal. So subtly the sculptor works out the flap of the wings, the rotation of the head.

While still a student at the Shota Rustaveli Art School in Ashgabat, he became a regular of the workshops where sculptors worked. He liked to watch the welding process and help the craftsmen.

And once he had his own creative “laboratory”, where he plunged into the quest and experiment.

– In six days, I independently learned how to carve an ornament in iron. I came to the workshop at seven in the morning and worked until the evening. After all, metal is not a simple material. It is not for nothing that they say: “Hammer iron while it’s hot”. I don’t have time to think like a sculptor working with clay can do it since the red-hot iron cools quickly. Therefore, I do not like to be distracted. I devote all my energy and soul to the future sculpture. I do not just cast metal, but make each figurine separately. And I don’t take up the next job until I have completed something.

t takes from 20 days to 8 months to create one metal composition. And even the finished sculpture remains in his workshop for a long time: the artist thinks about what he missed, what detail to add, what to correct.

– I was once asked if I am writing poetry, Amandurdy Meredov laughs. – I pointed to my work and said that they were my poems! My sculptures always have a subtext: I want the viewer to feel it and think over it. Once I heard such phrase: “When you sit on the carpet and listen to the sounds of the dutar, it seems that you have flown around the world”. I immediately had the idea of an ​​installation with a flying carpet surrounded by birds.

Aspiration and patience are like two wings for a master. Aman aga works tirelessly and says that an idle life does not attract him. Creating artworks from simple pieces of iron, the artist takes great pleasure from his work.

Some installations of Amandurdy Meredov can be seen in the gallery of the State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan.