“People with unlimited opportunities”: UNDP project collects personal stories about disability

“People with unlimited opportunities”: UNDP project collects personal stories about disability

The UN Development Programme invited Turkmen citizens to participate in the “People with unlimited opportunities” project. The aim is to draw attention to people with disabilities, the difficulties they face in everyday life, and ways to solve them.

The project proponent, Nyazik Avlyakulova invites everyone to tell their story of acquaintance with a disabled person and answer a few questions: “What do you know about people with disabilities? How do they live? Where do they work? How do they spend their time? What do you think about the lives of people who are different from you?”.

Three heroes with various health disorders – Madina, Shohrat and Nurtach have already told their stories. These are stories of people who overcome the burden of disability and demonstrate that there are no limits to human capabilities. Their desire to overcome their illness is inspiring.

– Now I want to learn programming. I want to learn a programming language, and if it is possible – several languages and create my own programs. I think it has a great future in Turkmenistan, explains Shohrat.

– My dream is to work as a teacher in a boarding school for children with disabilities. I want to teach the Craft classes and pass on my knowledge to them. I believe that both healthy and disabled persons should study and work together to better understand each other, says Nurtach.

– Today everyone knows me as a girl with a disability who helps other people with disabilities to overcome their difficulties. I’ve been changed a lot. I became more confident. I have plans for the future, a favorite job and a lot of friends. But the most important thing is that I accepted myself. I stopped blaming people for what happened to me. I work on myself, I look after my health, and I believe that everything will shape well, concludes Madina.

All these stories complement each other and paint a picture of purposeful and strong people who desire to improve themselves and develop in all directions.

Today the UNDP project is launched to collect an even more complete portrait of a disabled person. Anyone can post their stories under the hashtag #peoplewithunlimitedabilities or send them to direct @nazik.avlyakulova and @undp.turkmenistan. As a gift, each participant will receive a poster “People with unlimited opportunities” and the gratitude of thousands of readers.