Peculiarity as a gift: music perfomed by Selbi Niyazova

Peculiarity as a gift: music perfomed by Selbi Niyazova

The Turkmen National Conservatory hosted a concert of unusual, but surprisingly beautiful music – the author’s concert by Selbi Niyazova. The event gathered a full hall of admirers of her extraordinary talent.

As to the music of Selbi, we would say that it is both avant-garde and traditional, in which canons and innovation, history and nowadays are intertwined. She conquered the audience not only with the fresh sound of Turkmen academic music, but also with the skill of combining national melos with modern composition techniques.

Who is Selbi Niyazova? She graduated from the music school in the city of Serdar in Balkan province, then from the Ashgabat special music school named after Dangatar Ovezov, and she continued her studies at the Turkmen National Conservatory with the composer, People’s Artist of Turkmenistan R.Allayarov, who, by the way, is the only student of the outstanding composer Alfred Schnittke, one of the largest musical authors of the second half of the twentieth century.

After completing her study at the conservatory, Selbi went Russia under the internship program. The city of Ruza, the House of Composers’ creativity, for a short time became a home for Selbi, where she comprehended the secrets of composer’s skill under the guidance of wonderful mentors – people devoted to music, who devoted themselves to discovering young talents. Then she studied in Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, and Moscow.

The author’s concert by composer Selbi Niyazova, which took place in Ashgabat, is the first in her creative biography. To the listeners, she presented her best creations. It is worth noting that Selbi has a special ability to focus the attention of the public due to her extraordinary talent.

The concert was opened by a first-year student of the pop art faculty Dovran Shammiyev, who is optionally engaged in composition with Selbi Niyazova. He performed the play “Mirage”.

Further, the remarkable dramatic tenor Begench Moshshyyev performed monologues on the words of Makhtmukuli Fragi to the piano accompaniment of Selbi Niyazova. The embodiment of the philosophy of Makhtumkuli poetry in music is a huge responsibility, multiplied by the wisdom of the soul. Despite the composer’s young years, the poems of the classic of Turkmen literature inspired her to create a vocal cycle, the sound of which was welcomed by many listeners.

The Trio for violin, clarinet and piano (written in the House of Composers’ creativity in Ruza, Russia) performed by Aybolek Mukhiyeva (violin), Sapar Saparov (clarinet) and Yekaterina Darchia (piano) was the next in the program. Turkmen folk melodies and modern composer technique harmoniously merged in the work. The originality of the work was the unusual composition of the instruments, which together created a certain dissonance, but at the same time, they sounded so harmoniously and competently that they formed some kind of new genre format.

Later, the program featured the vocal works of Selbi Niyazova accompanied by the author: the romance “Galdyňmy” to the words of T.Taganova performed by B.Durdiyeva (soprano) and B.Dolliyev (violin), the romance “Aýralyk pasly” (lyrics by G.Ezizov) performed by A.Seyitkuliyeva (soprano). The sonata for violin and piano, created quite recently, was perfectly performed by young teachers, recent graduates of the Turkmen Conservatory L.Abayeva (piano) and B.Dolliyev (violin).

The play “Night”, performed on unusual instruments — sansula (African resonating drum) and gloves with bells (the author’s invention), became the decoration and feature of the concert. The piece so fascinated the listeners with its magical sound that it seemed that a deep night reigned in the hall. Silence and barely perceptible rustles in the night desert were only sometimes interrupted by the mysterious and enticing sound of bells running off into the distance (on the pianist’s glove).

The following two songs from the vocal cycle to the lyrics by Gurbannazar Ezizov were performed by the author and honored artist of Turkmenistan – velvet tenor A.Nurberdiev. The romance “Artyk däl ekenim” (accompanied by S.Niyazova (piano) and B.Dolliyev (violin) – a lyrical, tender, heartfelt melody with special warmth was transmitted to the hall and dissolved in each listener. The lyric tenor A.Nurberdiev, accompanied by the songwriter, performed another romance “Seniň adyňda”, which was the dominant feature of the music event.

Undoubtedly, the brightness of the images and moods conveyed took place thanks to the deep perception of the author’s plan and the voice of A.Nurberdiyvv that rich with overtones.

At the end of the author’s concert, the “Inspiration” chamber orchestra, consisting of students of the Turkmen National Conservatory under the direction of conductor D.Okdirov, took the stage. The orchestra performed two works “To You” and “Fingerprint” (dedication to mother). Selbi’s orchestral works demonstrated to the audience her composer’s skill to hear and feel the orchestra, the ability to use the advantage of each instrument professionally.

The music by Selbi Niyazova can be listened over and over again, and each time new sides of her extraordinary talent are revealed. Her works are deep and wise; they are designed for a thoughtful listener. We wish the young talent success and creative longevity.

Gozel MAGTYMGULIYEVA, music expert