Peace Festival in the Garden of Peace – a major international event was held in the capital of the PRC

Peace Festival in the Garden of Peace – a major international event was held in the capital of the PRC

The “Peace Festival in the Garden of Peace” was held in the capital of the PRC with the participation of the Embassy of Turkmenistan and diplomatic missions of 40 other states on Monday. The event, organized at the Beijing Peace Garden Museum in cooperation with UNESCO, the China Peace Foundation, the Beijing International Foundation for the Culture of Peace and other non-governmental organizations, was dedicated to the International Day of Peace, celebrated on September 21st for the past 7 years.

More than 300 people took part in this major international forum, the main theme of which was the protection of world peace, and about a few dozen more experts joined online from different parts of China and other countries. The event was broadcast on various social networks both in the PRC and abroad.

At the opening ceremony of the festival, the head of the China Peace Foundation, Li Ruohong, read a greeting message from the Secretary General of UNESCO, Audrey Azoulay. Among other plenipotentiaries, Ambassador of Turkmenistan Parahat Durdyev also addressed the audience.

The diplomat spoke about major events dedicated to the theme of peace and cooperation, held by Turkmenistan in the year of the 25th anniversary of the country’s permanent neutrality. In his speech, he touched upon the significance of the UN General Assembly resolutions on sustainable development of transport, logistics and energy components of international cooperation, initiated by the Turkmen leader.

Parahat Durdyev highlighted the importance of neutrality as an important alternative, which allowed Turkmenistan to direct all its potential in the political, economic, social and other spheres into the channel of peaceful development and creation, a positive impact on world, regional and interstate processes. He spoke about the country’s efforts to reconcile the warring parties in Tajikistan and Afghanistan in the last century and their continuation at present through the provision of political and economic capital.

The ambassador pointed to the role of such regional projects as the TAPI gas pipeline, the Lazurite transport corridor, as well as the historical and cultural roots of the initiative of the President of Turkmenistan to revive the Great Silk Road and the “One Belt one Road” project of the Chinese leader.

In his speech, Parahat Durdyev also emphasized the importance of declaring, 2021 the Year of Peace and Trust at the initiative of the President of Turkmenistan, which was approved in September last year by the UN General Assembly Resolution.

The ambassador’s speech was accompanied by a video demonstration on large screens dedicated to the anniversary of Turkmenistan’s neutrality.

Durdyev also noted the successes of China as the first country to face the coronavirus epidemic in overcoming it and helping many countries of the world in this.

Other speakers at the ceremony also called on everyone to revive the culture of peace and use the potential of 2021 in this – the Year of Peace and Confidence, solidarity in the face of new challenges and threats to international stability and security, to a multipolar world and the rejection of the policy of pressure and threats, as well as the preservation of the global cooperation without protectionism.

Then the heads of diplomatic missions and international organizations from the stage of the festival released the symbols of peace – white doves – and sowed the symbolic seeds of peace.

During the festival, the organizers announced the results of the 2nd UNESCO Global Photography Contest “The Silk Road through the Eyes of Youth”, giving the winners an opportunity to speak on video and launching the 3rd Youth Photography Contest.