Payment systems of Turkmenistan to offer new options

Payment systems of Turkmenistan to offer new options

Automated payment system has long become part of the realities of modern society. Turkmenistan is also introducing improved payment terminals for services, which include several operations at once.

At the “Turkmentel-2019” forum, new models of terminals with capabilities that are several times advanced comparing previous models are exhibited.

“Until recently, the balance of the public transport cards could be filled up only at the post office. Now, the terminals of Senagat Bank include additional function to fill up the balance of the “travel” card. You can pay for the service in cash or by credit card. Non-cash payment is just one of the new options that has been successfully working for four months,” Marina Begisheva, project manager of the Center for Technology and Automation, says.

Payment terminals of Senagat Bank currently accept six types of services for payment. It includes mobile phone payment, home Internet and land-line telephone, and transport card. It is also planned to add 2 more options – payments of traffic police fines and public services.

Since 2017, city buses have been actively using electronic validator systems. The devices work offline, each of them has its own identification number, which is related to a particular bus. World practice has shown that non-cash payment for travel on public transport helps to monitor passenger traffic.

“The validator also helps with statistics data. Payment system data goes to the transport authority office and to the bank. It is very important to understand which routes, sections have the largest number of passengers,” Marina Begisheva told.

A parking meter, an automated parking systems, presented at the exhibition is at the implementation stage as well. It is a device used to collect money in exchange for the right to park a vehicle in a particular place for a limited amount of time.

Automated parking includes a number of technical solutions, including high-speed tollgates, presence sensing devices, automatic number-plate recognition and much more.
The 21st century is characterized as the entry of humanity into the era of technological progress. Therefore, the ATM Center for Technology and Automation intends to bring advanced global technologies to the Turkmen market.