Participants of the Mongol Rally impressed by the hospitality of the Turkmen

Unusual cars in the center of Ashgabat often mean that the next group of campers has arrived to our capital.

It was impossible not to notice these autodontas, decorated with labels, call signs and autographs from different countries.

It was evident that the owners of the vintage cars are going to hit the road, carefully pushing the essentials for a distant journey into their tiny cars.

One thing was common on every auto-dinosaur – the inscription “The Mongol Rally 2017”.

For an employee of the newborn “Orient”, it became an interesting find. And as a real reporter, he rushed into the very center of events.

After all, he was well aware that the project “Mongol Rally” is an amazing adventure on the roads and highways of Eurasia!

10 thousand miles from one part of the vast continent to the other!

Adventure for real romantics from travel, conquering vast expanses without a specific route and a group of technical support!

All the support available is only the shoulder of a group friend, and an old car that can not be found anywhere else except at a dump.

According to the rules of the Mongol Rally, it is not possible to conquer the expanses of the Eurasian continent on powerful off-road cars, but on old cars, and even more precisely, on outdated cars. Because the idea of the rally is to show the superiority not of technical, but of human capabilities.

So, the rally participants do not test the vehicles, but rather test themselves.

What awaits them in the end?

At the finish they are not expected to receive fabulous fees, or dizzying prizes.

All they can get is moral satisfaction.

Satisfaction from the fact that they contributed their own financial means to the charity. And the fact that they defeated their weaknesses, they overcame their own inertia and submitted a contagious example to this.

And of course, unforgettable impressions of the meetings and sights during the trip.

Of course, the correspondent of “Orient” could pass by this.

The person with whom he after the traditional greetings and performances began to talk, was called Jamie Reynolds.

– Tell me, Jamie, how many of such romantics as yourself are hitting the road now?

– 750 people and 400 cars. The main groups are now in Turkmenistan, others in the Avaza region, some of them are in Turkmenabat.

– What are your impressions of the trip to Turkmenistan?

– The very best! We were very lucky, we had a great time in Turkmenistan. Of course, stay in your hospitable country will be remembered. In the hotel we were very well welcomed. Turkmenistan is a beautiful country, everything is very beautiful here. We had the opportunity to see a lot, because we traveled a very long way from Turkmenbashi to Ashgabat, with so many sights!

– On your car you have the symbol of the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, which will soon be held in Ashgabat …

– Being in different countries, we try to fix some impressions in one way or another. And we gladly put the symbol of the Ashgabat Games on our cars, since we feel that your country lives by their expectations. I am sure that such expectations are not in vain – and we will still hear about your Asian Games, wherever in the world.

– Tell me, what is the purpose of your difficult journey?

– Our action is of a charitable nature, our team, in particular, participates in the rally to help save the forests on our planet.

– This is a very noble goal. But how do you, residents of the foggy Albion, stand the unusual Asian heat?

-It’s really difficult, because I’m from Scotland. And I have to actively use sunscreen creams when traveling in such countries as Turkmenistan. There is no other way out. But this is our choice.

– How long will your journey last until returning to the UK?

-About three months.

– The road home is such a “Long and Winding Road”? This is how, as I recall, was the song of your great compatriots called?

– Oh yeah, “The Beatles” is a great band. But all our way home is about 20 thousand kilometers.

– What will you remember about Turkmenistan?

– You have an amazingly diverse nature – there are mountains, and plains, and the desert, and the sea. And also beautiful cities. Especially Ashgabat, it has a very stylish design with white marble buildings.

– Have you ever been in such difficult, and even extreme trips?

– This is my first trip of a kind, therefore – everything is new and very surprising. This is the essence of the discoveries that we set out on the road.

– Your action, as I understand it, is aimed at preserving forests and enhancing ecological culture. And we, the Turkmen people, welcoming such undertakings, wish you great success. And also – we wish you new impressions during your trip to Turkmenistan. Thanks for the interview.

– Thank you too. It was so unexpected and very nice …