Participants of the Mongol Rally 2019 arrived in Ashgabat

Participants of the Mongol Rally 2019 arrived in Ashgabat

One of the most wonderful and most exciting automobile adventures is to make a Mongol rally.

This popular car marathon is held every summer. Competitions are held without the help of technical services specially assigned to this marathon and a specific route. All the participants have is a small car with an engine capacity of about 1 liter, and friends.

On this vehicle and with faithful friends, they drive through many countries of Europe and Asia right up to Mongolia. The finish point is the Russian city of Ulan-Ude.

The goal is to come to the finish line. Who else can. For access to the capital of Buryatia there are different ways and routes.

This year 700 people participated in the rally, where – 650 men and only 50 women.

The British, Jamie, James, Jack and Peter, entered Turkmenistan through the territory of southern neighbor. Having left London, they reached Iran through the countries of Europe and the Caucasus, and now they are already in Ashgabat. They haven’t passed to go round the city yet, but in Turkmenistan they already liked the lack of traffic jams on the roads, as well as the classic architectural style. English guys are builders by profession, so the design features of the buildings were immediately noted.

The whole trip will take about 70 days, in other words – just over two months. The common path is tens of thousands of kilometers. All four car marathon runners are family people, and relatives are eagerly awaiting them at home. In the morning, the guys are going to visit the burning gas crater – Darvaza, and then plan to visit the tourist zone of Avaza.

Another group of participants in the Mongol rally, consisting of representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, traveled to Turkmenistan through Azerbaijan. For 46 days, brave women, having taken a start in Israel, traveled to 19 countries.

The rally participants looked tired, but infinitely happy. Anything happened on the road – the car broke down, it was necessary to repair it, replace parts. Moreover, they had to do everything ourselves. But the journey taught them patience …

The main goal of the participants in these difficult competitions was to prove that women can also overcome difficulties, along with men.

At night they arrived in Ashgabat.

Rally participants try to save on shopping, manicure and other feminine important details, so that all the remaining money will be donated to charity for children. Of course, living in such conditions is unusual for them. But despite this, they feel happy.

Rachel Avruh, Adina Korn, Alicia Schneider, after the end of the rally, are going to make a trip to China.

Their endurance, stress resistance, patience and self-confidence – one can only envy. It would seem that it is not a woman’s business to overcome deserts, mountains and steppes with a tiny car. But the rally participants certainly possess the most important features for this.

During the trip, a person can get into various situations, and here the most important thing is not to get lost. Of course, this is very tiring, but you need to be able to enjoy every minute and relate to everything with ease, philosophically, they say.

In a few days, all participants will go to Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia and … finish! There is not much left until the end of the competition – just a few countries and a month of time.