Paper cycle in the world: how to save a tree?

Paper cycle in the world: how to save a tree?

Have you ever thought about the fact that wastepaper products can benefit? The daily consumption of paper, beginning from napkins to office salvage, leads not only to pollution, but also to deforestation.

It is worthwhile to draw attention to one fact that the paper brought to the disposal field will mold quite a long period of time.

Up to date, several enterprises accepting waste paper for processing have been opened in Ashgabat. Secondary raw materials – besides economic benefits, benefits to maintain the environment in the city as well.

– Cardboard, magazines, paper scraps of any kind are accepted by our company “nowa-eco”, – says the responsible person for collecting waste paper Murad Berdyev. – People scavenging waste paper can simply call us by phone (+99364996271), we will come and take away unnecessary, expired paper. From secondary raw materials our company produces corrugated cardboard, and other packaging materials.

Recycling waste paper process is quite time-consuming, it includes many stages. From sorting raw materials, to cleaning and bringing to a new level of paper products.

The use of recyclable materials is quite advisably. From the point of view of ecology – this is a huge step in favor of saving the earth from pollution. After all, about a quarter of all garbage on the planet is paper waste.

The waste paper collection point, which provides the enterprise with a ton of paper waste per day, allows to save 3 tons of fresh wood. Handing over waste paper, you save not only one tree, but also care about the purity of environment.