Panne velvet – the fabric of kings

Panne velvet – the fabric of kings

At all times, the main clothing of Turkmen girls was a dress, and one of the most expensive materials for fashionistas is, of course, velvet. Even in antiquity, having reached Turkmenistan along the Great Silk Road from China, velvet was the love of Turkmen women. The most extravagant and fashionable dresses have long been sewn from this material.

Strict, long dresses “to the floor” are decorated with national embroideries, the patterns of which are transmitted from generation to generation. Due to the great demand for Turkmen panne velvet, the Panbarhat (Panne Velvet) store has recently opened in Ashgabat. It has wide assortment, there are novelties of domestic textile production, ready-made dresses and cuts of material for every taste and color.

We will try to understand how velvet differs from panne velvet, why oriental beauties love it so much, and what style of dresses today remains in trend.

Velvet is a very expensive material, and it is not only a matter of price. Only people from high society could afford to sew outfits of velvet fabric. But even over time, this material has not lost its value, because in itself it looks expensive and pretentious. No wonder the word “panne velvet” is translated as “the fabric of kings.”

Modification of velvet fabric – panne, is made in the process of pressing. Panne velvet is thinner than velvet and the patterns on it are most often “plant” – flowers, leaves, curls of petals. Due to the use of the press, high temperatures and combing, a clear three-dimensional pattern appears on the surface of the material.

Real panne velvet is made from natural silk. And the main advantages of this material are its strength and durability. However, an expensive item requires more thorough care. To avoid creases and folds, it is undesirable to fold clothes from velvet, and to raise the pile after washing, you can use a brush with soft bristles.

Turkmen velvet is admired by many foreign fashion designers and is exported to different countries. The Ruhabat textile complex has long attracted the attention of foreign investors, and at present, Turkmen products are exported to Canada, Russia, Sweden, England, and Germany.

Visiting fashion shows in Ashgabat, Russian fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev openly said: “I admire Turkmen women wearing national scarves and dresses every day.”

Modern styles of Turkmen dresses, taking the best from previous models, continue to improve. Dresses “to the floor” visually increase the height of girls and perfectly emphasize the figure. The national style never goes out of fashion, and women in traditional dresses always stand out from the crowd.

Men who want to look fashionable also prefer velvet. Coats and luxurious velvet jackets give their image a business-like seriousness. Outfits made of such an expensive and exquisite fabric are suitable for the most solemn and significant events. Having velvet clothes in your wardrobe, you don’t have to think about what to wear to look respectable and beautiful.