Pagliacci – the Italian Opera by Turkmen voices

Pagliacci – the Italian Opera by Turkmen voices

Artist, mummer, merry-andrew! Quite so, actors were called at all times in all languages of the world. But all this is onstage, in the spotlight, in front of the eyes of an enthusiastic audience.

But the passions, blazing behind the scenes, are experienced by ordinary people. And precisely this combination of several masks – a leading actor, a tired leader and a deceived husband Canio – embodied on the Ashgabat stage, in the National Music and Drama Theater named after Makhtumkuli, in the Opera “Pagliacci” by Ruggiero Leoncavallo and performed by a stunning Italian tenor Francesco Anile.

He was supported by a talented team of Turkmen performers – soprano Bibi Amanova, baritones Ismail Jumayev and Aman Amanov and tenor Nury Nuryyev. All names are famous, and the audience prepared in advance to admire.

…And while adorers of classical music took seats, artists behind the scenes worried. Sure, such a composition and such a responsibility – to be the first in a series of performances of the International Theater Festival. The Director of the production Daniele De Plano is an unshakable rock in a sea of emotions. He is sure of the success of the premiere as much as of the professionalism of the State Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Rasul Klychev, being responsible for music, and the State Choir.

The lights go out, time stops. And high art wields the scepter. The musical prelude takes the audience 9 centuries ago, to an Italian village, which was visited by a travelling theater to the great joy of the inhabitants.

The Director integrates a lot of modern moments in the scenography – the costumes of actors are quite relevant, they use gadgets – cameras and phones. And even the dramatic denouement is not a caricature of the 12th century tragedy, but also a very recognizable outburst of jealousy.

– Si, it was really Italian –  shared the Italian Ambassador to Turkmenistan after the grand premiere. – I hope very much that this art direction, as well as economic cooperation, will develop between our two countries.

The expectation to continue the cooperation was expressed by the Director Daniele De Plano:

– I really hope that this is not our last joint project, because I really enjoyed working with Turkmen artists. They are very artistic and responsible!

Audience hopes as well. The premiere of the Opera “Pagliacci” gathered capacity crowd. Many guests expressed their hope for a repeated show, so much they were interested in the Turkmen-Italian premiere.

There are still many reasons to admire, the International Theater Festival has gathered a real treasure – textured and multi-genre productions of theaters from different parts of the world.