Oxford Institute for Energy Research takes part in the Ashgabat Forum

Oxford Institute for Energy Research takes part in the Ashgabat Forum

The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES) is taking part in the scientific-practical conference “Sustainable cooperation in energy sphere – important prerequisite for global development” that Ashgabat will host on December 1.

Our reporter has had an online meeting in Zoom with Julian Bowden, Senior Visiting Research Fellow, OIES, who shared his expectations on the upcoming event.

– Please tell us about your organization?

– OIES is a world leading independent energy research institute specializing in advanced research into the economics and politics of international energy. It has 4 research programmes in such directions as oil, gas, electricity and Chinese energy. Our institute publishes its research in the form of articles on specific current energy issues, and also books. Research articles are published on its website, and are freely available to everyone.

– What do you think about the upcoming conference?

– I have participated in conferences organized in Turkmenistan before several times. I am confident the conference gives all participants the unique opportunity to learn more about the Turkmen energy sector and its energy policies, investment opportunities, and serves as a platform for exchanging views with Turkmen officials, and to hear what the other participants are thinking about.

– Can you share OIES plans for the Central Asian region in 2021?

– OIES tries to keep updated on energy and energy-related issues and events in both Turkmenistan and the wider Central Asian region. This is important in order that OIES can maintain and improve its research capability.

– Can you say a few words about energy diplomacy of Turkmenistan?

– Taking this opportunity, I would like to congratulate Turkmenistan with 25th anniversary of permanent neutrality. All energy producers and energy consumers need to think about the domestic and foreign political context in formulating their energy diplomacy policies. Turkmenistan is fortunate in having abundant gas reserves, but there are some difficulties with exporting it to the world markets. This latter point means that it needs to consider transit possibilities, in other words, transportation, in all its options for turning its gas into general economic benefit for the country.