Overture, action and finale as three steps of human life

Overture, action and finale as three steps of human life

The International Photo Contest Numismatics Awards 2019 which took place in the city of Orel (Russian Federation) was summed up.

The competition was organized under the patronage of FIAP, the International Federation of Photographic Art, consisting of national photographic federations from around the world that has been operating since 1950, and was officially recognized by the Photographic Society of America and the Russian Union of Art Photographers.

129 photo artists from 34 countries to the present competition a total of about one thousand six hundred photos, of which the competent and highly professional jury selected the most vivid and worthy works.

Photos were presented in two technical categories – color and monochrome photos, and in three thematic categories: Portrait, Theater and Music, and Nature. The highlight of the Numismatics Awards 2019 was that the winner in each of the five sections, in addition to the FIAP gold medal, received a special numismatic prize.

It is not the first time that well-known photojournalist of Turkmenistan Vyacheslav Sargsyan participate in such international competitions and, which is especially nice, the Numismatics Awards 2019 also did not pass him by. In the Theater and Music Category, Vyacheslav was awarded the Eurasia Bronze medal for his work of three shots entitled Overture, Action, Finale.

Russian conductor, violinist and music teacher Vladimir Spivakov, who became the hero of the author’s pictures, in each performance gives himself completely to music that lives according to quite earthly, human laws. Just like humans, music is born, reaches its peak and fades away…

And to see that very elusive edge when the conductor, orchestra and music are integrated into a whole is not an easy task. But Vyacheslav Sargsyan did it very well that was not left unnoticed by the jury.

It remains to add that this year a photo contest under the patronage of FIAP is to be held in Turkmenistan.