Other ardour is familiar to them: a whiff of inspiration!

Other ardour is familiar to them: a whiff of inspiration!

«One, who writes a poem, writes it because the language prompts him or simply dictates the following line. Beginning poems, the poet, as a rule, does not know, how it will end, and at times it appears he is very surprised by that has turned out for it turns out better, than he assumed, frequently his thought comes further, than he counted», Joseph Brodsky spoke.

In youth who only did not play about writing of verses. And this hobby does not develop into something more in all.

The correspondent of ORIENT news agency talked to modern poets of Ashgabat who hold from time to time literary soirees and readings. As appeared, there is a lot of to tell about everyone which can be hardly probably in one publication. They apparently are absolutely ordinary people who have families, work, friends and so romantic predilection for verses.

One of the fans of poetry – Gleb Andreev shares his history, how the hobby of his childhood does not leave him till now.

– I composed the first poem before I went to school. I was very amorous boy: the girl was pleasant, and I started to devote her verses. First basically all was «about love», – Gleb tells.

But the ordinary rhyme has turned with the years into more realised creativity.

– All poets and writers want to be heard and understood, – without a slyness shade Gleb argues.

Having entered once the faculty of physics and mathematics, as a result he was transferred to linguistics.

– From physicists – to lyric poets, – the young man sneers. – I was inspired very much by texts of the group DDT. For the first time having heard a composition “Borodino”, I thought: «how excellent poetry it is». As it appeared, live, mixed with gold and silver age. I wanted to write something my own. I always liked to work on verses.

Gleb has his own literary blog. On the Internet it is possible to meet poetic collections of his authorship. He himself makes its and covers.

Being inspired by music, Gleb asserts that the poetry is too rhythms, semitone, pause. Sometimes his poetic look is involved with strangers, casual passers-by whom it is interesting to observe.

But the most favourite theme for Andreeva – philosophy. Someone’s famous idea, the thesis can cause a storm of thoughts which will be transformed into verses in the mind.

– Often lines fly into the head. And if they are written down timely, they can simply be lost, – Gleb is upset.

There are angels that at a difficult minute
Come, when, apparently, you do not wait,
Nobody understands, and as though
In darkness of the Universes you go alone.

There are angels, who are ready that for years
To go with you, a shade unearthly,
To look, how you thrash walls by fists
And still to inspire for this “fight”.

There are angels, now I know, strongly
Sangham has connected for ever our hearts,
To stand up for the Truth, to death precisely,
To fight by each word, up to the end.

Gleb actively participates in the organisation and conduction of poetic evenings, trying to find more and more colleagues. Being the manager of network poetic group «Green Lamp», he has united and acquainted many modern writers. Children often meet and read the verses, express their opinions.

Many write for themselves, but I am very glad to share the creativity with someone congenial. The poet should have the reader, and in any way differently.

The world day of poetry is marked on March 21st is the rather spring holiday so symbolically coinciding with Novruz. It has been founded by the UNESCO for support of poetic movement in all countries and recognition of unique contribution to the spiritual life of the society of which Marina Tsvetaeva wrote:

«In sweat – writing, in sweat – ploughing!
We are familiar with other ardour:
Light fire, over curls dancing, –
A whiff of inspiration! ».

Svetlana MAYAK