Oriental Exhibition Opening Day: Ashgabat shopping center will host a folk crafts fair

Oriental Exhibition Opening Day: Ashgabat shopping center will host a folk crafts fair

The East has always been famous for its big bazaars that were noisy along the Great Silk Road. It was the markets that were considered to be the centers of business life, where one could buy a lot of bizarre goods, from colorful light silks to the most expensive jewelry, taste overseas food, chat with guests from other countries and see masterpieces of craftspeople.

On January 12, an exhibition-fair of craftspeople will be held in the Ashgabat shopping center of the Turkmen capital. The ancients said: “The Eastern Bazaar is the mirror of the world”. Much time has passed, but even now, in the 21st century, the tradition of oriental bazaars does not lose its relevance.

– We are pleased that through such exhibitions and fairs, people will find out how many talented craftspeople live in Turkmenistan. We have already long ago gone beyond the capital, and now there are events in the city of Mary where hand-makers can present their products to the public, needlewoman Luiza Sabitova says. – Our fairs preserve the customs of oriental bazaars, where it is possible not only to buy or sell something, but also talk with craftspeople, share experience, and maybe bring your crafts to the next fair.

Luiza herself, at the request of man-made art fans, opened a store of hand made goods in the Ashgabat shopping center so that all can buy an exclusive gift for themselves or their families and friends. It is also quite possible to order something special here, and craftspeople will try to turn into reality the bold creative ideas within the timescale agreed.

– Exhibition fairs are always discoveries, were the masters’ fantasies constantly amaze. For example, recently we have met a craftsman carving original boxes from wood in oriental style. Now these splendid items are displayed on the shelves of our store. Folk art attracts more and more young people who bring fresh ideas to the handicraft world.

– We have decided to hold a crafts people’s fair in the central region of Ashgabat, near the “Russian Bazaar”, as residents are used to call this market. This is the busiest place in the capital. It seems that even the streets of the city run to one point – the bazaar. Therefore, we are waiting not only for buyers, but also for new craftspeople. Maybe, some people want to share their crafts, but have not yet found the proper support or are shy, Luiza continues.

On the coming Sunday from 13:00 to 19:00, Luiza khanum and her “colleagues” invite everyone to the Oriental Exhibition Opening Day, where the creative works of craftspeople of Turkmenistan will be displayed.

Handmade items are a luxury, each keeping the warmth of the master’s hands, endeavor, talent and idea. That is why they are unique. And the bazaar was and remains the main day off event in the east.