Oriental Art market: magic of creativity in the centre of the Turkmen capital

Oriental Art market: magic of creativity in the centre of the Turkmen capital

Saturday. Where else, if not to the market go residents of the capital? And if a market is also oriental, with the national colour where masters-handicraftsmen and artists represent fruits of their work, then the trip to the fair turns into an unusual journey into the world of miracles.

So such market-exhibition was also held in the shopping centre “Bagtiyarlyk”. A variety of displayed handmade goods, amazed with riches and diversity from first minutes. And for the people, it was a precisely market!

Pictures, figurines, small boxes, ornaments from natural stones and many other things pleased and surprised visitors. At every table someone was asking about something trying on something and agreeing on the individual order.

Affable authors of works with pleasure told how so freakish products are created that they are inspired also by what material is applied to creation of the next masterpiece.

The decorative paintings on small boxes with oil and acrylic colours by Inna Legenka. It is not the first year that the expert pleases Ashgabat residents with her works exposed at the art market.

Tiny choreks from a small tamdyr which, apparently, even smell as bread, authorships of young girl Shasenem Berdymuradova. By speciality she is an architect and tries to use in her works the knowledge received in high school. Creating from traditional wickerwork –alaja items of bijouterie, Shasenem asserts that many forms of ear rings and ornaments repeat traditional geometrical ornaments, which are so popular now in the town-planning.

It is impossible to tear off one’s eye from magnificence of accessories of Gozel Pelivanova. The master works in traditional style and has recently returned with a victory form the competition which was held in Saint Petersburg under the nomination “Ethno accessories”.

Articles from silver, beads, polymeric clay… pendants in which under a transparent layer of epoxy resin have stood flowers… – at Suzanna Charyeva and Jennet Sanatulina have such “counters” on the Art market supplementing each other. Besides creation of ornaments, girls as are fond of knitting bags and support eco-movement.

Svetlana Mokrousova’s type high flowers can be noticed from apart. The teacher by occupation, Svetlana is engaged at leisure in creativity and makes from crepe paper a real spring. Sunflowers, asters, roses already make a collection of the talented skilled worker. The highest plant created by the skilled master, makes 1,20 m. In her plans – creation of orchid and a two-metre inflorescence.

Among masters there are a lot of young people. For example, schoolgirl Gulshat Bayryeva is engaged in painting of T-shirts. With acrylic colours she puts subject drawings on products from cotton. Gulshat asserts that her each picture carries a special sense and nothing becomes so simply. And nothing repeats.

Among the rising generation, knitted toys representing masters of the popular group “BTS” enjoy a great demand. The grandmother has connected characters, whose granddaughter is the fan of creativity of South Korean group. Like hot pies from counters toy copies of masters of the group sell.

Olga Ragulina has presented on the Art market hidden heroes of a family life – housekeepers.

– I very much like to create a house so as I see them, – Olga tells. – All the same they bear happiness to the house.

Toys from coarse calico, impregnated with a vanilla -coffee solution, both look perfectly well, and smell simply astounding. Their author – Anastasia Fevraleva.

– All began with the fact that for the New Year I decided to make a fur-tree decorative wreath, – smiling, explains Anastasia.

Creativity begins with small things! Now her business is both soft toys and gift bags, and even coffee trees- topiary in an original way “planted” in a mug.

Big and absolutely small «hunters of dreams» are exposed by red-haired skilled worker Angelina Pankratova. Each “hunter” symbolises certain zodiac sign, therefore weaving displays miscellaneous. The skilled worker reminds that an amulet preserving dreams and protecting from nightmares, it is necessary not to forget to clean from evil power. It is necessary to take it out to nature and to wash with a solution from infusion of camomile mixed with salt that salt has absorbed all saved up negative.

– Acquaintances of my grandmother very badly slept at night. The grandma applied to me for help. I weaved for a family of big “hunter”, and nightmares have there then stopped, – here such magic stories from real life are told by the master. How here one cannot believe in magic?

Among beginners on the Art market – Andrei Medvedev. Being on expedition to Sarahs, he was impressed with ancient figures found during excavation. He was fond of creation of copies of famous archaeological finds. Now everyone can get for memory small terracotta figurines – exact copies of masterpieces of ancient civilisation of Margush.

It seems, you bypass a market already for the third time, and for eyes all new and new bagatelles come across. All the day, spent among abundance of man-made masterpieces, it is carried imperceptibly.

But it does not matter. There will be another Saturday and one more bright market day.

Svetlana Mayak