Open day at the Iş Nokady Coworking Center

Open day at the Iş Nokady Coworking Center

In the evening of November 6, Iş Nokady Coworking Center hosted a meeting with representatives of the City Business School – Turkmenistan (CBS).

Those who visited the center on the open day had a unique opportunity not only to learn useful, relevant and important information, but also to participate in a presentation for the audience of the learning platform.

Representatives of CBS-Turkmenistan clearly presented the platform for visitors and opened access to the mini-MBA course for them. Many people were happy to take the opportunity to learn more about the education system.

Information about the center’s work can be obtained by phone +993 12 46-81-65, +993 61 38-64-18, +993 61 29-63-97 or by sending a letter to email.