Online discussion from OSCE

Online discussion from OSCE

Gender aspects in border management and security – this was the topic of the virtual roundtable held from 3rd to 5th August with the participation of representatives of the Border, Customs and Migration Services of Turkmenistan. The meeting participants got acquainted with international best practices in promoting gender aspects in law enforcement.

The online discussion brought together OSCE experts, international consultants on gender issues, as well as national specialist experts. During the event, global trends in border management and the integration of gender perspectives into border management at the organizational, structural and cultural levels, as well as gender-sensitive employment policies in the security sector were discussed.

The roundtable participants were briefed on the progress of the practical implementation of the National Action Plan of Turkmenistan on Gender Equality, in line with national legislation, and the main priorities of the national policy in the field of employment concerning women. The online meeting was financially supported by the German government.