One can make an online visit to the largest museum in Turkmenistan

One can make an online visit to the largest museum in Turkmenistan

The State Museum of the State Culture Centre of Turkmenistan can be visited virtually. For this purpose the Ministry of Culture intends to create a specialised site development of which winners of the auction for public procurement which will be held on October 15, undertake.

Similar online expositions have got great popularity after spread of coronavirus and quarantine introduction in the world. Experience has shown that such solution is s favourable both to museums which can keep incomes at the expense of “remote” visitors, and to fans of cultural leisure, had an opportunity to save on the cost of transportation.

The new project should allow people from an every spot in the globe to make «virtual travel» to the largest museum of Turkmenistan. For today the description of the museum and a photo gallery of its exhibits are accessible on the site

The State Museum of Turkmenistan conditionally is divided into the main building, museum of ethnography and local lore of Turkmenistan and also museum of the president of Turkmenistan. Each of zones occupies some floors and is divided into set of sections.

Earlier the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan has started an online exhibition, devoted to the 25th anniversary of the status of neutrality. It is the unique collection of the latest visual and documentary information on modern Turkmenistan, accessible in Turkmen, Russian and English languages.